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Guest Post – Trevor Gay

trev-studio.jpgI’m passionate in making management and leadership simpler. Many managers over complicate work causing managers to falsely believe they know more than the people they supervise, and this creates a disconnect between the manager and their employees.

To prevent over complication, we must ask ourselves three questions:

  1. Do I spend enough time listening to the employees that report to me?
  2. Do I meet customers regularly enough and ask their experiences of my organisation?
  3. At our regular team meeting is the first item on the agenda about our people and if not why not?

The greatest talent is at the front line, not the management structure. It’s commonly believed that leaders must show the way. I disagree. We can all make a difference. Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

GK Chesterton wrote the shortest letter in the history of The Times newspaper:

“Dear Sirs

In answer to your question – ‘What is wrong with the world? – I am.

Yours sincerely

GK Chesterton”

We can all do something to make management and leadership simpler.


Trevor has 35 years of experience in healthcare management and has written four books ranging from simplicity to leadership. He maintains a blog at http://www.simplicityitk.blogspot.com/


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