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Get to the point.

eye.jpgSelective concise conclusions of lessons learned from a few posts that never made it:

  • before adding anything – ask yourself if it’s really, really worth it
  • to be productive, you do, it doesn’t get any simpler than that
  • there are some marvelously creative people out there as illustrated by the gorgeous examples
  • inflation matters
  • black display colors consumes substantially less power than white, so that’s a positive of dark backgrounds
  • illegal interview questions: birthplace/citizenship; ethnicity; age; gender; gender preferences; beliefs & affiliation; handicaps; marital/family status.
  • commercial media is rarely user-friendly filled w/ long-winded writing and popular junk
  • be smart: opinions are not equivalent to reason, science, or knowledge, which in turn, is disparate from data or information – not synonyms
    • opinion: it is impossible to reason with or fight against stupidity and popular junk
    • reason: Lisa Simpson is a smart girl as we have seen – a very good role model. Many of the writer behind The Simpsons graduated from Harvard with math degrees, did you know that?
  • given that the “how laws are made” from the library of congress is filled with minutia, and many unnecessary, burdensome pages, we transformed and translated it into a neat, usable and user-friendly package
  • compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) are the way to go for many reasons
  • grammar rules are so trite; we don’t follow them, and neither should you
  • sex doesn’t sell overall as the weighter evidence has shown
  • all the noise, think before you speak
  • wisdom of the crowd, what a joke! look towards the individuals who will transform this world
  • go read a book, not a blog – yes, a real book
  • GoldenApples law: quality over quantity
  • understand how ignorant we all are and how little we actually know
  • “This was yesterday, and somewhat similar in theme to Jobs’ Commencement address, yesterday is gone, and today will pass into yesterday. Tomorrow – is New / beginnings.”
  • learn continuously, create a detailed plan of action, and achieve it, invent new technologies, find a cure to worldly diseases, or help and progress humanity in significant ways; that which is not crap



From the “Importance of a Mission Statement” which we did post:

“In life or otherwise, a mission statement sets in motion the purpose of your life. It expresses the collective reasons why any organization or company exist, and what they do.

Not only does it help clarify your inner most important values, it provides the firm direction of aspirations. It’s fundamental. It drives an entire entity, encapsulating all that they are – and cannot be stress enough.”


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