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So in recent progress…

Resulting in the here and now:


Ponoko aims to create opportunities for customization in manufacturing a product, and considering that few wish to assemble the delivered pieces together and given the hefty price tags, most will decide to shop at places like Pottery Barn or IKEA.


The Toyota Prius has a lasting and positive effect on the company as well as Japan itself, though the country still has economic problems just like most every other country.


Live Mocha, a startup, finds an innovative – and better – way to help students learn languages different from the horrifically ineffective methods of the educational system.


And what have you done and how have you made the world any better, since it’s always about you?


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How to be Popular

junk.jpgEasy. If you need popular attention, talk junk food news like E! Online, Yahoo!, CNN, Mashable, USA Today, and Entertainment Weekly, then you’ll be hip and get lots of hits! Hype about the latest news and fads, the newest blockbuster, the next rising starlet, sports, politics, and statistics that fluctuates daily – you just can’t go wrong!

Project Censored describes what you do as “meaningless coverage of the unimportant,” summing it up perfectly: “A Junk Food News diet consists of sensationalized… inconsequential trivia that is served up to the public on a daily basis …not very nourishing, it’s cheap to produce and profitable for media proprietors.”

Imitate this idiot (says the votes) on YouTube, and for literally junk food news that feeds the mindless masses, passively behold this crap. You’ll be popular junk before you know it!

Still, not all areas of entertainment are junk, some are actually quality that illustrates the richness and grandeur of a culture, created with marvel and ingenuity. To understand the difference between what’s worth and what’s not is a gift.

They say you are what you eat. You are also what you read. You don’t want to be popular junk now, do you? If you want a quality that surpasses popularity, then look for respect & admiration – esteem even, because you achieved something apart from the norm and everyday.

Comments should try to add and build upon the post in new ways we did not think of in order to improve it.

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