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My name sounds,

Like a flow that has eased;

Birth in twice time, I am the last;

Split far from the heart, I am amidst a tear,

Shaded by nature,

Hidden from surprises.


Evening star lies;

Fate was resolved,

And bloods beat;

I was abandoned.

At north, I’m 90° to the left of the 795 miles high;

You’ll find me in leaves,

Thousands before the fate;

I’m an atom in the Middle-of-the-earth;

By marriage of NZ and Lauterbrunnen,

Yet broken – not held honest – I was adopted;

Lost my homeliness,

But no more a high dream,

A real legend I’ve become.

Here! – engraved and restored,

Heighten on the widescreen!

What is my name?


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Cleanup @ GoldenApples

swept_sky.jpgWe’ll leave the content that has lasting value, or expresses what GoldenApples was about.

In preparation to shutdown, all comments were closed on 12/31/07. Our last post was posted on 1/2/08. GoldenApples ceased operations that same day.

Those involved had gone on to do bigger things.

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flower.jpgOn the side. A taste of real worth. Great examples of the free and quality information given freely to you, some of the Sexy Sites can help educated you (if you want) or you could detract into entertainment along with a feeble, unsexy mind.

Granted that, unlike the mostly junk on del.icio.us, stumbleupon, and other such senseless, time-wasting, trifling sites (why in the world do they have so many?), those rare golden apples are dearly challenging to come by.

Can people stop producing overwhelming crap? Like wordpress blogs with crap diffused everywhere; instead, why don’t you? Go and create new innovative technologies as wordpress did or write an informative masterpiece based on years of dedicated research. Spend the next 5+ years on something great – not daily stupidity – because before you know it, that year would be gone.

Few things are created equal. Put in the Effort. Ask yourself: How can I be better than what I am? What can I do? What will I bring to tomorrow (the next 5+ years)?

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