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My name sounds,

Like a flow that has eased;

Birth in twice time, I am the last;

Split far from the heart, I am amidst a tear,

Shaded by nature,

Hidden from surprises.


Evening star lies;

Fate was resolved,

And bloods beat;

I was abandoned.

At north, I’m 90° to the left of the 795 miles high;

You’ll find me in leaves,

Thousands before the fate;

I’m an atom in the Middle-of-the-earth;

By marriage of NZ and Lauterbrunnen,

Yet broken – not held honest – I was adopted;

Lost my homeliness,

But no more a high dream,

A real legend I’ve become.

Here! – engraved and restored,

Heighten on the widescreen!

What is my name?


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smalltalk1.jpgAligned with our mission to simplify the overwhelming information on the Web – after extensive reading and deliberation – here are the 6 essentials of effective interpersonal communication:

  1. Smile
  2. Address the person by name
  3. Be positive & respectful
  4. Speak clearly and w/ a purpose
  5. Relate – find similarities
  6. Listen
    • “First seek to understand, then to be understood.”


Comments should try to add and build upon the post in new ways we did not think of in order to improve it.

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Fashion vs. the Jeans

jeansshort.jpgWardrobe should be easy.

Commercialized fashion makes it a chore. Why is it that fashion fades the next day while jeans live on forever?

jeansmid1.jpgIt’s a rhetorical question; there’s no need to think about an answer. All that is relevant is that jeans rule, for their ease of use, comfortable feel, ruggedjeanssky.jpg material, flexibility of wear, and irrefutable sexiness. As illustrated by the pictures, jeans can be mini, midway, or sky high (third picture).

Know more about jeans at Lucire’s popular fashion site.

In the end, all you really need is a crisp *white shirt* and spanking *blue jeans*. And that’s how it should be!

Easy solutions to life’s little difficulties.

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